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[Program Fitting]Some second tier schools

those of you looking towards II tier schools I want some info about UIUC, Wisconsin-Madison, OSU-Fisher, BU-SOM, Babson, Rice, Iowa-Tippie. My target is general management, technology management and from that management consultancy. How good are the prospects out there? My estimation about UIUC has been very high - the teaching quality is superb with heavy research on management science and the strong engineering department would be ideal for entrepreneurs.

Some schools here are 3rd-tier. But all these schools have totally different positioning and program design.

UIUC is great at accounting, improved in the well-roundedness of finance, marketing and operation. Its fundamentals in 1st-yr is really tailored to prepare a critical-thinking manager step by step. General Management is multidisciplinary while fucus on soft human skills and decision process. Have good IT focus.

Fisher is a great marketing and logistics school that plugs in the whole value chain, from market side to operation side. Finance is good.

Madison is more academic-oriented with lots and lots of research centers. The curriculum is quite similar to that of BU that focues more on fundamental disciplines, a better fit for entry-level learnings. ASAP program for stock analysis is more dynamic, Operation is pretty detailed and HR focus is a big specialty.

Babson is specifically for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The program is overwhelming that so dynamic and realistic for real entrepreneurs and simply provides you everything you need for literally any field of small to medium business.

BU SOM is quite a general management program, broad and fundamental, have technology involvement but not deep. Put lots of energy on managerial communications.

Rice is more a management consulting program that particular good at strategic consulting and energy industry. Marketing is good.

IOWA is a pretty balanced general management program, a bit academical but still practical. Marketing, finance, and service operation are good.

UMN Carlson is a great general management school in 2nd-tier.
The curriculum is very balanced just like Wharton.

[Personal Branding]Interview Resume: Chicago GSB

Is a one page resume better? I have had 4 jobs and an independent consulting experience, so a one page will not be possible without some compromises, but at the same time I am confused whether a 1.5 page resume will look unprofessional.
Any comments are welcome!

Yes. The format matters. As a former scholarship committee for continuing students in the U.S. B-School, reading dozens of application packages was an exhausted daily job that even have no more energy to flip your resume to the 2nd page. We generally assume you have only one page, it means you can express yourself efficiently, unless you have really extensive experience that more than 15 years. Even a 16-year or a 22-year veteran can make it.
If you have a less than 8 years experience but need more than 1 pager to express your career, it may be treated as an ineffective communicator that both get deducted in your format score and quality score.

[Career Explorer]留學的時間順序排程問題?誰先誰後呢?

爬文許久,我很明確的知道自己未來要到美國唸研究所,拿MBA in Finance或 MS in Finance[/quote]

and how?


很簡單 補習只是小投資習可以先補 真槍實彈考過一次以後就知道以後未來如何進步
先補過習知道方向 真實考過知道這巨獸到底有多龐大以後(遠遠超乎你任何想像)
才大三 還要當兵



[quote="kksean"] (1.)該先工作兩年再出國拿碩士?如前所言,我自己是唸財金的,未來也不打算轉行,[/quote]

how do you know?

[quote="kksean"] 出了國還是要念MBA in Finance 或 MS in Finance。 [/quote]

again, how do you know?

[quote="kksean"]這兩種學位幾乎都要求兩年以上的工作經驗才有希望進入TOP100排名的學校, [/quote]

not necessarily
but do you know why?

[quote="kksean"]但怕自己退伍後工作了兩年,又花了一年做留學補習班的全職學生以及申請學校,到了出國時自己已年紀26左右,唸完兩年碩士又在學成後留美實習一年,全套結束都邁入29歲了,重新投入職場是否已嫌太老? [/quote]

why why why
it's impossible to plan all these in 10 yr advance
career is a trial-and-error process
the only thing you can do is test your passion again and again
then change accordingly

who told you you need an advanced degree anyway??
work first, then you'll find out if you need it or not
probably you need it, then you need an evidence
probably you don't, and you need an evidence, too

don't mass up with your career by an imaginary planit's only an imagination.


there's no plan at all.
don't draw by any imaginationand
you need to know why through evidence.

[quote="kksean"]三、拿到學位也實習一年結束後,爭取長期留在美國工作有可能嗎?學校要排名TOP10? TOP50? TOP100?多少排名以內有機會? [/quote]

no need to discuss now

[quote="kksean"]四、秋季班?春季班?該考的都考完後,什麼時候(幾月)開始進行申請步驟呢? [/quote]

no need to discuss now

[quote="kksean"]五、3.0上下的GPA對申請TOP100或TOP50的學校夠用嗎? [/quote]

no need to discuss now

[quote="kksean"] 自己大一大二成績平均起來GPA只有二點多但趨勢是持續上揚,從大三以後GPA站上三點多,雖然目前只能盡力把在學成績盡力拉高,但先問問這樣還有希望進入TOP50或TOP100?[/quote]

you need to perform for yourselfnot for anyone else.
besides, no need to discuss now

Sorry to be cynical, but the world is simply not like what you imagine.
It's good to plan in advance
but not to over-plan
every single matter can change your life significantly
all you can do is to experience your life as broad as possible
and accomodate your career goals day by day.

hold your U.S. study thoughs until you can prove you need it
go to work 4 years later first
and find out the evidence what you can do and should do
test your passion if it's really finance
or else.
You never know until you do it for months and years

Some people don't even need an advanced degree
if you need it, you need to know why

only yourself can bear the responsibility for your career
for your 2-yr life
and for the investment.

[Personal Branding]Chicago interview

David, Thanks a million for your help.
Saw several of your answers to others' questions, really helpful.
I will take the Chicago interview. In answering the interview quesions about Why Chicago, how do you think if I repeat some part of my written essay, such as flexible curriculum, the entrepreneurship program related to my career goals or the analytical strength?
Do you mind sharing with me your MSN? I really appreciate your reply and help!
Best wishes to your life and work in the New Year!

You definitely need to correlate with your essay materials, while everything should be guided by your career objectives, which derived from your passion and personality. And you need to extend much deeper from your written materials, let the adcom knows you're well-prepared and strongly focus on where you're going.

You need to link both your short-term and long-term goals, and this path from where you are now will inevitablely need the irreplaceable Chicago GBS.

Flexible curriculum is ok, but it's only an open option for students, it doesn't necessarily help you on any specific purpose. Instead, you need to tell them which part of curriculum you need and why (for your career goals specifically,) and if your career goals need their resources like entrepreneurship program and analyticals, correlate the relationship among your objectives and tell them why.

Good luck and best wishes