2008年8月14日 星期四

[Personal Branding]關於四大的工作經驗問題

(Modified from original article for ethical issue.)

there're a big chunk of applicants have similar backgrounds from big 4
and there're some good reasons b-schools are actually encourging applicants from these backgrounds
application process is less about structuralism
but more about life introspection
leadership is also intrinsic, not extrinsic that given by others
the motivations and competence of devoting your career to big 4
the scope and sophistication of working life
the impact on external world
the extensive communication and human capital management processes
and the personal growing process are the key to "being ready" for advanced business training
it's even a formal shortcut to become a prepared applicant standing by the springboard

the point is to extract the life defining moments from those seeming routines
and clearly define yourself as a capable and visionary professional
that deeply understand the needs and the irreplaceables of particular MBA program


(Modified from original article for ethical issue.)

job searching process is a very individualized process
it all depends on personal qualification and fit of particular position under certain corporate culture
even the brand name of top school is only one of the many qualifications
there's no quarentee for your own career in the history
there won't be any in the future either

but no need to be panic or over pessimistic
saying "all foreign graduates" need to face the fate of going back home countries is just exaggerating the situation
personally I must be very grateful to be one of the fortunate graduates who obtain offers from the American recruitors
way before graduation
while not from top school
you'll be amazed when you see the spirit people try their best to survive from the economy
and you'll also understand why a big part of graduates have to go back
there's a reason

[Personal Branding]不長的顧問及創業經驗 高GMAT與低GPA 申請建議

不長的顧問及創業經驗 高GMAT與低GPA 申請建議
(modified from original article for ethical issue)

It's a great start to have a high GMAT
it'll in big part compensate the low gpa (while still need to leverage your extra-curriculars during school to balance your academic commitment, since you need to demonstrate the capability of enduring magnificent MBA training)
consulting experience and start-up exp can accelerate your "seasoning" process in the career perspective
If you have a couple of years exp is relatively short in top 15
even you have consulting backbround and entrepreneur exp
there'll be a whole bunch of applicants (probably up to 30%) have exactly the same background with 4 years experience (just have a glance in BW Forum)
either you can leverage other life-defining events to complement your well-roundness and professional readiness
or just literally work for 2 more years to complete the pre-MBA career
there's still a space for due diligence before you absolutely need the MBA
and that's the main reason most schools ask "why now"

Sichuan is a big trick since it's a one time big bang
it's very predicable that tens of thousands of applicants will by all means attempt to leverage it
writing emotional and touching stories when people suffering from such a huge natural tragedy
since the event was so signficant, it'll also be worn out very easily, just like Titanic
while the purpose of this whole applicantion contest is to make yourself stand out
you don't want to make adcom sigh by murmuring "where it comes again..." unless your contribution or life inspiration is so and so out of this world
but if this life engagement is really so important to you, you can even try to view this in some impersonal and wisdom ways

MBA tour is more as an information collection event than as an impression competition
applicants are evaluated by their life inspiration, career evolusion, and humanity weaved down in the whole package
together with the delicate personal fit with particular school
not by any way of creative contact experience
the reasonable process is to collect as much infomation from the target school and same tier peer schools as possible
identify the subtle difference and connect those to yourself personally

2008年8月12日 星期二

[Career Explorer] When should I go for MBA?


It's not only about age,
and of course relationship is a huge consideration, especially for ladies
29 female MBA is everywhere in the States
the majority ladies studying MBA at this age, so nothing to worry about
a big part of them also bring their husband and kids
singles can have big chance to meet their life partners
since life balance is the ultimate goal for every complete individual, at least for the majority people in the States

but all and all
it's about your career
so here comes the classic question, why now?
or why later? how late?
it's about where and how have you climbed your "career ladder"
what issues and experiences made you here now, in terms of your career
and what's your goals
then after all these situation analysis and goal setting,
what's the "gap" between your current state and ideal goal now?
what can you do about this gap? on efficiency per se
can you do anything about this gap by yourself?
or you need some formal or informal educations or trainings
is that MBA?
what part of MBA do you need?

if you don't take MBA next year,
what'll happen in this period?
will you postpone your career progress?
or will it be more efficient on your career building?
it'll be an yes/no question
since once you clearly analyze your current situation and define your goals
you may realize it's pretty much a strict time frame that shows if you need to take MBA in '09 or either '10
if you run into a situation that seems ambiguous either 09 or 10 can you go for an MBA
you might want to dig deeper on your career assessment
since career is not about 1 year or 2 years plan
it should be organized as a whole
it's connected back to your college or even high school
and thrown over your career and family visions

just calm down and do some retionale for your life
you'll see yourself clearly