2011年2月11日 星期五

Service Explanation and Charges

To be exact, I'm a MBA career consultant. Simply speaking, I offer 3-Phase

Phase I - Career Explorer (NT$29,800, roughly a 64G iPhone; or based on exchange rate of payment date)
Platinum Service for Top 15 MBA Applicants: Global Leadership Career Explorer (Additional NT$9,800)
Also offer Compact Career Explorer for Freshman (2 years work experiences or less, military tenure included): NT$26,800 (Roughly a 32G iPhone)

Normally take 3 to 10 hours maximum
through face to face meeting or Skype (I don't charge by hour, so don't worry)
I'll help you find out your most passionate career options through my
3-Driver Theory (Enthusiasm, Personality, and Professional Capabilities)
and according to these 3 career drivers, we can project your future career
goals and MBA concentrations
(however, it's an ongoing process during the whole life process, and
please be advised that no result is guaranteed.)

Phase II - Program Fitting
A. Screening 10 schools for ideal Electives, Research Resources, Employment Situations: NT$16,800;
B. Rewrite Resources: NT$6,000/program; Replace Resources: NT$4,500/program
(Normally also take 3 to 10 hours through face to face meeting or Skepe.)

As long as you have the GMAT (and Toefl) scores, as well as the length of
work experience, along with the findings from Phase I we can identify the
most fit schools together. We'll look into the selected schools'
curriculum, electives, leadership programs, faculty, research centers,
exchange opportunities, employment situation, geographic advantage, club
activities, etc. The main reasons for this process are: a) to extract the
specific school features that fit your personal development and put them
into essays; b) to really understand why you're studying your very school,
which quite possibly your last educational journey.

Phase III - Personal Branding on School Essays (one school at a time,
NT$6,000 times essay difficulty and length,
Leadership-related essays with default Difficulty Variable 1.5 or higher,
Career Goals and Contribution essays with default Difficulty Variable 2.0, 
essays with Ubiquitous attribute with default Difficulty Variable 2,
Introduce Yourself essays with default Difficulty Variable 2.5

Length shorter than 500 words but longer than 200 words, the Length Variable is [1/(word count/500)]; 
Length shorter than 200 words, the Length Variable is word count/500, with default Difficulty Variable 2.5.
(NOT including Resume or Recommendation Letters)

Phase III is a coaching process, it goes like this:
a) Once we identify the target schools and application priority, we'll
proceed school by school, starting from the easier essays and then go
harder and harder. I'll explain to you why the target school is asking
this and that, and draw the outline for each essay for you.

b) Then you need to write essays by yourselves for two good reasons: to
interview confidently and to really know "thyself".

c) Later, we'll go back and forth through emails for critique
and meet online every other time to coach the essay writing logic and
proceed editing for you.

This way, after few schools you'll know how to market yourself, no matter
in applications or in real-world job hunting.

Normally, it'll take around 2 weeks for the first school, and then go
around 1.5 time faster for each of the following schools. Most of time,
since the third or forth school some essays can be recycled, and you only
need to proceed the rest. The price will be calculated by essays
[Unit Price NT$6,000 x *Length Variable x **Difficulty Variable]
*Length Variable: use 500-word length as the benchmark, so 1000 word
granted/500-word benchmark =2
**Difficulty Variable ranges from 1 to 2, depending on the difficulty of
the essays.
Most of the questions are not difficult. However, difficulty of Career
Goal essays is by default 1.5; difficult questions like "Defining the
problem of the world" would be 2.

Resume: NT$26,800 (roughly a 32G iPhone)
(Position Specific: +NT$2,000;
+NT$1,500 every 1 more year of work experience after 5 years)
Compact Resume for Freshman (with less than 2 years work experiences): NT$16,800

Cover Letter = Career Goal + Career Progress to Date + Contribution Essays, i.e. default Difficulty Variable 3
Letter of Recommendation: NT$6,000 x Length Variable

Application Interview Preparation: NT$26,800 (roughly a 32G iPhone)
Job Interview Preparation: NT$26,800
Mock Interview: NT$6,000 (Must use Interview Preparation service first.)

Additional Essay or Letter of Recommendation: same calculation as regular essay and letter of recommendation.

Lastly, there's no result guaranteed for any part of the service, and
there's a language limitation of my service: I'm not a native English
speaker. Materials being reviewed by native English speakers is strongly recommended.

David Lee

[Program Fitting] Supply Chain Management名校

現今的Supply Chain Management主流幾乎都落在MBA裡
又現在早已是global competition的世代
已經轉移到亞太區,thanks to the rising of China
SCM需要高度的management skills, leadership,跟global awareness
原則上會需要MBA的practical and experiential management training
還有excissive communication and teamwork training
領域中探討的問題多半是在fast-paced coordination
strategic sourcing and management
跟cross-cultural communication
而比較不會是研究導向型的MS training
也不代表未來在這個領域中能夠skillfully master and lead the SCM process

在第一年的學習中,能夠讓學生在這個arranged diversity之中成長

SCM最強的MBA應該屬MSU Broad
如supply chain marketing, supply chain finance, supply chain operation等
IBM甚至跟學校合作了一個On-Demand SCM Lab

其他SCM課程豐富的MBA強校還有PSU, ASU, Maryland, GWU,
甚至還有不為人知的SCM強校如 Purdue, Rutgers, Buffalo等
甚至還有Wisconsin MBA

只要能找出SCM主修中是否有將傳統的supply chain跟logistics分開
進而產生SCM leadership

可以點入學校的employment report就可以依窺端倪