2008年2月20日 星期三

[Program Fitting]谁能比较一下duke vs. U of Virginia

谁能比较一下duke vs. U of Virginia
谁能比较一下duke vs. U of Virginia? 谢谢。

Dardan is top 10 B-school in the U.S. and is one of the most important core schools in management consulting and investment banking industries.
it's highly regarded in top consulting firms like McKinsey and investment banking like Goldman Sach, Morgan Stanley and others in Wall Street.

Darden's curriculum is also more committed in MBA program design, more sophisticated and well-rounded in general management, leadership, marketing communication, and finance management.

Entrepreneurship is a solid new highlight with deep commitment.
Strongly well-connected across multidisplinary management strategy and tactics.
Emphasize on quantitative analysis and consulting tools.
Case study is one particular highlight, but it depends on personal taste.
you can see the commitment when faculty explain the details of program design in 2nd-yr.

Duke is strong national school, generally ranked around 20. Emphasize on teamwork.
Good general management but a bit less sophisticated than Darden.
Particularly strong in bio-tech and medical industry.
Some people believe Fuqua is a great marketing school since lots of health sector giants have strong preference for Fuqua graduates.

[Career Explorer]帮老公求助。37歲CFO 500強要念美國MBA還是中歐?



1. 去美国读好的BSCHOOL的MBA意义大吗?
2. 难度大吗(如果GMAT大概就670左右)?
3. 中欧是否可以选择下?OR 欧洲?


37 is still a decent age for full-time U.S. MBA.
no particular physical struggle if you see the MBA age profile, almost 10% U.S. MBA students are in your age. The MBA studying is even tougher than GMAT preparation, and it's 2-long years.
GMAT capacity depends on personal intelligence and learning efficiency. A bunch of materials on this website for GMAT takers.
If your husband is already a CFO in a Fortune 500 company, why he still needs an MBA?
It depends on what's next for his career.
The only thing in his career should be to even broaden his global capacity, then a U.S. MBA should be more helpful, in terms of a more global economy, international language fluency, global scope of finance expertise, and a more competitive business training.
CEIBS is the best MBA program in China, so if you want to stay in the regional market, it's absolutely the choice. But it still depends on how competitive is his scores and application package.
EMBA is for senior executives with more than 10 years enterprise administration experience. So far your husband is frankly too young for that.

[Program Fitting]Choosing Between $s and Fit


I'd like to get everyone else's opinion on choosing between being accepted at one school that fits perfectly with my career goals, personality, and personal situation, and one that is a good fit in all these categories (but not nearly as perfect as the first) and that has offered me $s.
Some examples to help the discussion might be Sloan vs. Columbia w/ $, Kellogg vs. Ross w/ $, Tuck vs. Fuqua w/ $

Half tuition is although a big incentive, it's almost only your half-year salary if you go to the very top school. Compare to your whole rest-of-life career, half year is nothing. It always goes to your true fit and passion if the very top school can offer. And if you can get offers from these very top schools, making $ is only a piece of cake while your career is half-guaranteed.

Kellogg is one of the absolute top schools that can make your career thrive even higher. Ross and Fuqua are of course great, but Kellogg is something $ can't buy. And that's the power that Kellogg doesn't need to offer scholarship that often to vie for brilliant talents like you guys.

[Personal Branding]面试官说2周就给我答复,是好事还是坏事?




No special meaning on this timing issue
adcom cannot make any decision only base on interview
all applications need to go through the whole reviewing process

The notification timeframe is only a general guideline.

[Program Fitting]KFBS v. McCombs - Which rep is better?

They go head to head in rankings, but in the real world who has the better national rep and for financial services, which will get me the better job?

It depends on your career path. Both schools are well-rounded in general management, while McCombs is superior in accounting and KF is particularly strong in marketing management.
McCombs is now heading toward general management field and had pretty good improvement in marketing, but it's core competence remains in accounting.

KF emphasizes on teamwork with strong team building practices and collaborative culture that invites your family and friends to join KF community.

Since these 2 schools are pretty close in rankings, what really matters is not the rankings anymore but the detail curricula. When you see the finance concentrations under both mba programs, neither of them are strong in this field. McCombs is very generic that hits on fundamental theories and overall strategy like risk, investment approaches, real estate, and portfolio management. KF also have those courses and knocks a bit more detailed like derivatives, modeling, M&A, and private equity. But compare to those core finance schools, these 2 are in minor side.

Both schools are nationally competitive but have totally different positioning and core strengths. It depends on your own career goals. And no one can guarentee you a job. Only your own passion and capabilities can.